Feedback and Complaints

As part of our commitment to high standards of service, we welcome open and honest feedback from our clients. All clients will be offered the opportunity to provide feedback at the conclusion of counselling services via a feedback form. Of course, feedback is welcomed at any time.


YAFA is committed to handling and resolving client complaints in a confidential, fair and timely manner. If you wish to make a complaint, you may complete a Client Complaint form and give it to your counsellor or the Office Assistant. Complaint forms are available on request from the office. 


The Coordinator will be informed as soon as possible, and will contact the complainant within 5 working days to discuss what action is proposed (or has been taken).


If the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved with the Coordinator, clients have the right to submit the complaint to the YAFA management committee, who will contact the complainant to seek a resolution and take all steps possible to address the complaint.


Should the complainant still be dissastfied with the attempted resolution, he/she may lodge an official complaint with YAFA's funding body, the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability services.


The Dept. can be contacted directly via email to or their website


As far as possible, the fact that a person/client has lodged a complaint, and the details of that complaint, will be kept confidential among those directly concerned with its resolution. The client's permission will be obtained before any information is given to other parties that may help in the resolution process.


Where a complaint relates to matters of an unlawful nature, this complaint will be passed on to the relevant authorities.